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19 November, 2020

When I created Zen Grooming, my aim was to achieve a high level of service, and to maintain it. To continue on this path, there is no other option but to pause accepting new customers temporarily.

I will welcome new Guests to the Zen Village in the new year, 2021.

Meeting new Guests and Guardians is one of the highlights of my career. So, the pause is a difficult step and not done lightly.


I apologise to any and all who had hoped to join me, and I can only ask for your patience.


Q & A

Q: I just submitted my registration form - will it be accepted?

A: All registration forms received before and up to November 18 will be reviewed and, if all is in order, will be accepted. Please be patient, I'm doing my very best to catch up.

Q: I sent a message about an appointment or a about your services. Will I be accepted?

Unfortunately no. The influx of new requests through channels other than the registration process have been overwhelming and cannot, in fairness, be accepted.

Q: Will you ever take on new clients?

A: Yes - of course! I am just taking a breather to digest all the new requests and to ensure my current customers and those who have recently join the Zen Village, to have a chance to settle into a regular routine.


Q: I am an existing customer, what happens to me?

A: Please see the section below if you have ever had a session with me.


Q: How long is the pause for?

A: I have no timeline yet. I will know more during the Christmas shutdown as to what early 2021 will look like and when the pause will be lifted.



19 November, 2020

To anyone who has ever been to see me, it is important that you review the following.


Identify which group best describes your current status with Zen:

No, I had no session in 2020

Please, bare with me until I can lift the pause and you can once again reconnect with Zen.


You can also place yourself on the "I want In" list when it becomes active. 

Yes, I did have session(s) in 2020,

but none after August 

Anyone who has seen me only between January-July 2020 will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


I cannot guarantee you will be accepted.


Please, fill out the form below to request your personal myZen account. With myZen, you can book your own appointment with Zen's new online system.

Yes, I did have session(s) in 2020,

and yes, some were in or after August 

I strongly suggest you book an appointment soon through My Account, through the Zen website. 

Don't have a Zen account yet?  No problem, just fill out the form below and we'll send you one so you can start booking your appointments online!

This will ensure your  Dog remains on a regular schedule to prevent matts from forming, keeping her/him comfortable and avoiding de-matting fees or shave-downs.

myZen account request


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