How do you create

a clam Zen experience?

You do so with an environment with minimum distractions and a great space.


At Zen, my business model centres around on the dog. You foster trust with the hope to turn grooming from a dreadful experience to one that is a little more relaxing with every visit.

​All of this is why I chose "one-on-one" grooming.


Unlike some, or big box stores, I'm the only groomer.

My salon, always has one Guest.

With COVID-19 still affecting us, isn't this the safer experience, for everyone?

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Quiet environment, entirely relaxed atmosphere


(no crowded spaces with flurries of dogs barking, running around)

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No distractions,

Guests are more focus, calm


(they are less fidgety and follow my cues much better)

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One-on-one grooming, with no other dogs in the salon


The risk of injuries from other dogs is practically eliminated


so, how does one-on-one work?

My operating model is a little special.


It demands a few extras that other types of salons don't require or consider. Add the COVID-19 precautions and you soon realise why everyone's cooperation is imperative to make it work.


COVID-19 protocols

Safety above all else! Please please please read and abide by my COVID-19 protocols that I have set up here for everyone's sake.

to board, or not to board


With my one-on-one model, only dog(s) of the same household is allowed in the salon at any time. This means I do not board your dog for later pickups. You must be ready at the specified time.

timing is everything

This business model aligns with my values about dogs. But, it is definitely less lucrative than cramming groomers and dogs in the salon. But that wouldn't be Zen.

Yet, it only works if the sessions' intervals are respected.


The session's length is set based on a dog's coat condition. If the interval between grooms is allowed to slip, the session demands more time. And to keep costs down, there is zero buffer between daily appointments. Plus, the risk for matts goes up along with the pain, and cost to de-matt.

running like clockwork


With no boarding available and a very tight schedule, it is imperative your dog is dropped off on time and just as importantly, you return at the specified time to pick her/him up. This way, the everyone's sessions remain on track.


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