17 March, 2021  (NEW)

Unfortunately, I must again temporarily halt accepting new customers into my salon. I don't know when I will be new customers will be able to register with Zen.


If you would like to add your name to our waiting list, please fill out the form on the bottom of my homepage. I promise that you will be offered a chance to register before the open public and in order that you signed up.

I am truly sorry for this but I built Zen with the dogs in mind and the quality of my work first and foremost. Plus, the one-on-one concept limits the intake volume as well.

I apologise to any and all who had hoped to join me, and I can only ask for your patience.


Q & A

Q: I submitted a new customer registration form - will it be accepted?

Answer: Yes, if received on or before March 17. We still need time to process those already received.

Q: I submitted a "interested in becoming a new customer" form -

     will it be accepted?

Answer: Yes, if sent on or before March 16. Please note that it may take some time before we can process them.

Q: Will you ever take on new clients?

Answer: Yes. In time should be able to open my doors to new dogs. When that is, I do not know right now.


Q: I am an existing customer, I assume nothing changes, right?

Answer: Correct. I encourage you to book your dog's appointments well in advance to ensure you maintain her/his coat in a timely manner.


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