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Zen Grooming Protocols for COVID-19

During this unprecedented event, I have put in place a set of steps and protocol based on the science and updates from the specialists who share publicly best practices. I make every effort to go follow their guidelines.

To help you and your dog, I hope this FAQ will help reassure you how I am dealing responsibly and with the greatest care humanly possible throughout this period.

  • Why don't you shows your prices ?
    Like any professionals who perform custom work, I'm an hybrid hourly base system. And because all my dogs are groomed to meet individual needs and never ever just do straight shaves, I don't have a set fee. With so many factors, like size, type of coat (e.g., short v. long hair), breed, age, type of cut, temperament, general condition, there just can't be standard prices.
  • Do you accept walk-ins, even for a nail trim?"
    No, I do not. Zen is an atypical grooming studio: I only groom on a "one-on-one" basis on a very timed and set schedule. Only one Guest is groomed at a time for a calmer environment. My attention is all one Guests, and leaves no room for interruptions.
  • Do you do complete "shave downs" - even for the summer?"
    No I don't! Well, generally. There are two reasons why I don't follow this practice: 1. Shave downs are terrible and damaging for double coated breeds - Priority is always given to the dog- no exception. Double coats like Pomeranians, Huskies, Rough Collies, etc. must never be shaved. Ever. See this page for on why double coated should never be shaved. ​ 2. Pride in my craft Zen Grooming is not a styling factory. I groom and trim every dog individually in a style that best suits them. I operate the same way I like to be treated for my own hair treatment: one made just for me! ***Exception*** The only exception to this rule is if the Guest has too many mats or are too large to treat. Mats are painful and can harbour bad bacteria causing skin issues. Shaving them is the most efficient way possible to offer immediate relief.
  • Can I stay while you groom?
    No, with some rare exceptions. Guardians are a huge distractions. Seeing you makes grooming practically impossible. Also, it is common for a Guest's behaviour to be different with the Parent around, even protective, endangering my work. Finally, with no distractions, they tend to concentrate on my cues making the whole experience smoother and faster. Unless there is a safety concern about your Dog, it is always better, for everyone, that you not be in the studio,
  • Do I really need to fill out and approve the Registration and Consent form?
    Yes. To be part of the Zen village, you must fill it out completely. Please read it attentively. The form serves several purposes. 1) It identifies you and your pet and all important contact details. I need to make sure we are an ideal fit since my environment may not suit everyone. 2) I need to know the state of your dog to estimate correct appointment time. 3) Lastly, it is a question of safety for me, my own Dogs, and my other Guests. I need proof of vaccinations to be sure everyone is protected.
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