Zen Grooming Protocols for COVID-19

During this unprecedented event, I have put in place a set of steps and protocol based on the science and updates from the specialists who share publicly best practices. I make every effort to go follow their guidelines.

To help you and your dog, I hope this FAQ will help reassure you how I am dealing responsibly and with the greatest care humanly possible throughout this period.

Frequently asked questions

Is Zen following the practice of "social distancing"?

What makes Zen Grooming unique is my "one-on-one" grooming philosophy. Only the pet(s) of a single customer is groomed at a time and by me alone. Outside very exceptional instances, no one is permitted in my studio salon during the sessions. This methodology is naturally ideally suited to the Health Canada and Ontario's Ministry of Health physical distancing guidelines. In fact, it goes beyond as there is little contact between people in how my appointments are organized.

Will I meet other parents/guardians at Zen Grooming?

Maybe, but not usually. Of course there can be overlaps. You may see another customer near the entrance at your arrival. It is impossible to prevent. However, I ask that only guardians come to Zen's door and all others remain in or near the vehicle.
You will not see a space crowded with people, or the continuous flow drop-off or pick-ups. That is not how Zen is structured. And my customers already respect the one-on-one practice. They remain outside to enjoy the beautiful settings or in their vehicles until they see the current guest exit the salon. This eliminates all contact with people or dogs. QDo you have any information about dogs and COVID-19?
Yes, but... It is important to note that I am not an health care practitioner or a microbiologist. I am a dog groomer that is doing her very best to educate herself directly from legitimate sources, Canadian and other countries. I list these sources (in the underlined hyperlinks below) so you can also learn from my sources, and understand how my decisions are based. As of this date, there is no proof that canines (and felines) carry the source of the COVD-19 virus. The AVMA, CDC, and including thousands of tests from IDEXX have shown that dogs do not carry the virus. As of this date, the world's scientists believe that COVID-19 is more likely transmitted through respiratory droplets. Although, it is suspected that it may be shared by: ​close, prolonged personal contact, such as touching or shaking hands touching something with the virus on it, then touching your mouth, nose or eyes before washing your hands.

What is Zen Grooming doing during this time?

My very best, and here's how... I follow the guidelines issued by Health Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Health, but added proven protocols for reducing the spread of any viruses. Here is a sample of what I have implemented: For people - Using bleach and/or alcohol based disinfectant, wipe surfaces possibly touched by people such as: front counter​ main door handles (inside/outside) guard gate Try and maintain a safe distance ​from parents/guardians For guests (dogs) - Most of these are already my normal protocol. I modified some to suit the current events. And since thoroughly washing is cited as the best defense against viruses, these protocols are added bonus protection: never reuse drying towels on multiple dogs after the head-to-toe wash soak and swirl tools (brushes, combs, blades, scissors, etc.) into a mild solution of bleach & water dispose immediately of any materials that came from the dogs (cotton ear plugs) before it comes into contact with surfaces into a separate bagged container in case of bio-accidents, the area is immediately cleaned with a bleach solution I let the parent/guardian handle the dog's own leash and collar nightly soak of all tools in a bleach solution and thorough rinse before the day starts.

What if I have an appointment while I am in an isolation period?

Please email me to reschedule. Although the science to date indicates that house pets do not transmit the COVID-19 virus, and yet, like the thousands of Canadian in the service industry, financially impacted, it remains our civic duty to reduce the risk. So please, take care of yourself and reschedule. I understand these are extraordinary circumstances but I ask that you email ahead, at least 2 days, and more is even more appreciated, before your reschedule your appointment. These times are wreaking havoc, so the more time I have, the lesser the impact on my own livelihood to make it through this as well.

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