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oh for the

love of dogs

Everything started over 15 years ago.


Meeka (hugging her in the pic) was my very first dog. I adopted her from a local rescue. Then, I fostered Harry (the other in the pic) who I ended up adopting. A senior, he became my shadow and instilled the love for the older ones. That's when the world of dog rescue became a huge part of my life and that of my husband.


Fostering and being a guardian of so many dogs and for over a decade are great teachers. You learn to deal with diverse backgrounds, personalities, and behaviours.

My interest and thirst to learn grew. I read, watched tons pf instructional videos. Finally, I signed up to become a professional dog trainer using the "positive reinforcement" technique thought by Kim, owner of Best Friends Dog Training, thought the power of the .

All of this goes a long way, for me, and my guests!

"Dos and donts" of double coated breeds

My husband and I have since fostered over 45 dogs. Of course, also guardians to a few, thirteen and counting to be exact (all rescues, mostly seniors). It even lead me to create a group: CARe – Canine Adoption + Rescue Education to raise awareness of benefits of adoption versus buying.

Then several years ago, I yearned for a more fulfilling career and if possible, involved dogs. A canine stylist was the perfect shift.


How do you create

a calm Zen experience?

In an environment with minimum distractions and a great space.


My business model centres around the dog. I build trust hoping you turn grooming from being dreadful to an experience that is a little more relaxing with every visit.

​And "one-on-one" grooming is the best way to get there. Unlike other grooming outfits like the box stores, there is only me and one guest. Always.

With COVID-19 still affecting us, isn't this the safer experience, for everyone?

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Quiet environment, entirely relaxed atmosphere


(no crowded spaces with flurries of dogs barking, running around)

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No distractions,

Guests are more focus, calm


(they are less fidgety and follow my cues much better)

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One-on-one grooming, with no other dogs in the salon


The risk of injuries from other dogs is practically eliminated


Beauty is Skin Deep

A good groom begins with a great clean coat. And a great coat can lead to healthier skin.

Trimming the Fur

Loooking Goood

Regular grooming plays a key role in your pet’s overall health and comfort, not to mention looking wonderful.

our services


Everything I do is unique, like your dog. No straight shave here. Professionally tailored to suit. And it all begins with a well water bath & blow dry.

Dog Wash


Perfect for short hair, or for those in between sessions when all they need is a nice bath and tidy to look rejuvenated.

Dog Blower

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become zen

new customer wait list

*** Winter 2023***

This is not a wait list for upcoming free spots.

It's a waiting list to accept new customers.

What One-on-One Means to You

I am the only groomer in the salon and care for a single dog at a time.


Zen is atypical - appointments are adjusted exactly for your dog without added buffers.

What does this mean to you?

I'm One-on-One with a tight timeline. Dogs that stick to a regular grooming schedule. This way, I know the appointment fits perfectly the dog's coat condition without surprises such as painful matt removal or other repairs.


If this sounds like you, then I'd love you to join Zen.




1095 Bosque Cres.

Cumberland, Ontario